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The Miracle of Micky’s Mountains

The Miracle of Micky's Mountains

In the XLGirls video version of The Miracle of Micky‘s Mountains, Micky first talks to a TSG staffer outdoors about her background, what it was like to grow up with massive boobs, how she used modeling to reduce her shyness about her body and her life now as a model with a popular following. Micky is dressed in a very sexy oufit; a low-cut top and a tight skirt with panties, stockings and garters, as she dressed in the pictorial. She talks about her hobbies, what she likes to do for fun and how she likes to dress when she goes out. Today, Micky is busty and proud. Now she doesn’t mind it when guys walk over to her and compliment her on her breasts. Before that, she was very self-conscious and bashful. After her chat, Micky unleashes the power of her heavy tits! She moves indoors and plays boob tricks, slapping her tits together, jiggling, squeezing and shaking them. They are filled with boob-meat; pliable and easy to self-suck. Micky‘s self-sucking is expert level. She has no problem bringing each nipple up to her mouth and having a good suck. She says she loves that. Her areolae are also very wide with prominent nipples. After Micky enjoys her tits, she removes her panties and exposes her beautiful shaved pussy. Her fingers stray there to pleasure her lips and clit. “My pussy needs something sweet,” Micky says. She doesn’t mean eye-candy. She retrieves a round purple lollipop. This will be Micky‘s new play-toy. Let’s roll that video and get an eyefull. Thank you, Micky, goddess of boobs! Welcome to the world of You’ll like it here.

The Miracle of Micky's Mountains

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