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Month: April, 2019

A Very Healthy Humping

Gillette must have new people working on their marketing. First, there was the men’s razor ad that tackled toxic masculinity, and now they have an ad out for their Venus razor, using a fat chick in a bikini. Of course, the internet trolls quickly took to their keyboards to shame the model’s size and criticize Gillette for glorifying obesity. It’s a very predictable response.

I fail to see how they are glorifying poor health. They aren’t telling people to go out and gain weight. Instead, they are just showing a chick having a good time while wearing a bikini. No leg, pit, or pubic hair is anywhere to be found so the razor must be doing its job. No big deal. There is nothing for anyone to feel threatened or offended by. The need to fat bash has become pathetic.

I am so grateful for BBW porn sites that celebrate the women. Get 61% off instantly with this Pure BBW discount link and see obese chicks being glorified. It is spectacular. Their tits and asses are huge and they appear quite healthy as they fuck with energy and enthusiasm. Keep rocking those bikinis, ladies.