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“The Clerk Recognized Me From XLGirls!”

What is there to do for a hot model like Porsche Dali where she lives? Are there any titty bars or clubs that she goes to? Is she also a swinger? Does Porsche dance topless or nude? “I absolutely love titty bars!” Porsche says. “There are several where I live and all of the girls are wonderful. I love going in and drinking with the girls. I always make sure to get a lap dance before the night is over. I have met a lot of my girl friends at titty bars. I have never been to a swinger party but I definitely would try it. I haven’t found a club yet that lets bigger girls dance but once I do, you can bet I will be there taking it all off for you!” We think that Porsche is hornier than her girlfriends. True? “Absolutely! I have worn out every man I have ever been with. Sex is on my mind constantly! My other girlfriends are happy being fucked once a week. I want it at least once a day.” Since Porsche likes to go to topless bars, we have the feeling she goes to her neighborhood adult store. Is that also true? “I love visiting porn stores! I love shopping for lingerie and new toys. I try to stop by at least one porn store in every town I visit. The clerk at the last store I went to actually recognized me from which I thought was pretty awesome! He said he loves!”

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