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Have A Cuppa Ashley’s Cups

Have A Cuppa Ashley's Cups

It’s the big time for lovely and deep-bosomed Ashley Sage Ellison Ellison of Manchester, England with her back-to-back victories in both SCORE and Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year contests. There was some minor controversy (there’s always SOME controversy) over at SCORE by a vocal minority because Ashley doesn’t fit the standard definition of a sleek, slim-n-stacked Vegas showgirl body. However, if one were to examine the first few years of SCORE in the early ’90s, quite a few voluptuously robust ladies were showcased before Voluptuous mag was spun-off. The second controversy, this one also attracting a small but letter writing segment of the boob community, concerned Ashley‘s usually serious expressions. Naturally, there are two sides taking opposing viewpoints. Point: “Granted, I love big boobs, but they are number two on my list of what makes a model, or any woman, desirable. Number one is the smile. Ashley, if you want to win me over, you must learn to smile.” And counterpoint: “Ashley is pretty enough to have her face in a picture frame hanging on a wall. How much better can you get as far as wholesomeness? You know, Ashley doesn’t smile a whole lot in her pictures but so what, she has the look of contentment instead and as long as she’s content, that’s all that matters. Ashley looks so good facially and glamourously, she can afford not to smile. The only other natural that could give Ashley a run for her money is Mianna Thomas. Those two might have the best naturals. Ashley‘s J-cups are quite impressive.” Still, overall, these two items should by no means mar or soil Ashley‘s win. The fact is, like in anything else in life, most people do not praise or criticize, or even comment, for that matter. They simply enjoy and look forward to more. It’s no different in the busty universe.

Have A Cuppa Ashley's Cups