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This is a Special Kind of Nasty

While it wouldn’t be hard at all to choose a pic that represents what this site is about, this one I feel really does the trick. If there was somehow enough room for another guy to get his dick up her ass for an anal DP then I would have claimed that to be the perfect pic. The thing is that when I say if I made more of an effort to find one like that I’m quite confident that I would have found one, I’m nowhere near exaggerating.

This site is absurd… in a deeply perverted and exhilarating way at the same time. If you get turned on by chicks getting gangbanged and I mean in a pretty hardcore way, then you would definitely be doing yourself a favour if you were to get 15% off with our Legal Porno discount.

Even though you might be able to get a cheaper membership at some other site it is because they are simply inferior. I think I’ve made it pretty clear that this is not a run-of-the-mill porn site. Not a single cubby chick to be found here.


Beautiful BBW’s

And then there are guys that don’t find chubby girls attractive. You surely have to be blind not to think this woman is absolutely stunning. I don’t even have a particular fetish for BBW girls, I just like women in general and this one… my gawd, what’s to fault there?

I do like this site though, the more I look at examples of their work the more impressed I am. They seem to specialise in fuller bodied girls with big tits. I’ve heard of them before, sure, they are the guys who signed Hitomi Tanaka (Big Tits Hitomi) into a contract and it seems she’s still with them to this day. It’s been a few years by now already and it’s pretty impressive when a renowned pornstar like that signs an exclusivity contract with someone, you must know their legit then for sure.

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Those Are Some Epic Funbags

She’s really pretty I think, she’s got some great facial features and of course she has amazing tits. I’m not sure what the deal is with the tattoo and I don’t mean that I don’t like what she picked or that it looks totally shit, it just looks a little, how should I say… homemade. It looks low quality and maybe she should considering having it touched up.

I had to find something that wasn’t awesome I guess else it might just sound like I have a crush on her or something 😀 I really do think she’s very pretty and I would love to have some fun with her.

I can hardly believe that I used to be a skinny girl only guy years ago. I’m not saying that has flipped but rather that weight has nothing to do with it for me anymore. I guess I just don’t do the ‘what’s socially acceptable’ thing anymore, I couldn’t give a shit.

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Big and Beautiful Specials to the BBW

Of all the things in this pic that could and probably should draw one’s attention, why is mine drawn to his watch?

It looks like it’s a pretty sweet fitness watch. You know one of those fancy types that you can monitor all kinds of stuff and even download it onto your phone or computer and analyse the stats and keep track of your training.

If this guy is actually working and hitting ‘the gym’ at the same time and of course getting paid for it… getting paid for fucking to boot, then I may be witnessing a genius.

On the other hand, perhaps he’s just timing the waves as he’s pounding that phat ass of hers.

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BBW Discounts That Will Rock Your World

Here’s some dollar savings to suit any wallet. Let’s be honest, in the current state of the global economy, any discount is better than no discount, except here you can find some rock bottom prices. Don’t believe me, check out these discounts to BBW porn sites for yourself then.

My teenage days are long gone when I was concerned about how uncool I’d look and the abuse I would take from my immature mates if I hooked up with a fat chick. I may as well take this opportunity to offer a belated apology to you gorgeous curvy ladies, I knew not what I was missing out on.

Insecurities aside, a really good fuck is with someone who is more meat than bone. I don’t recall anyone ever complaining about a bigger playground. More cushion for the pushing and no worries that you might break something on your exploration.